Dog Reviews Different Types of Food | Tucker Taste Test 19

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Tucker Budzyn

10 månader sedan

Dog Reviews Different Types of Food | Tucker Taste Test 19
Tucker said it has been a while since he did his own taste test and demanded another food adventure. This time he takes on a few crowd favorites, as well as a delicious steak!
What was your favorite part???
Info: All foods used in this video are safe for dogs IN MODERATION. Before feeding these foods to your dog, always test them in small amounts. Each pup is different! Do not give your dog a full corn on the cob unattended.
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Tucker Budzyn
Tucker Budzyn 10 månader sedan
FYI: Please NEVER feed your dogs corn on the cob. They can swallow the cob whole and die. I was holding it the whole time for his safety. Thanks for watching guys!
Sri Ganga
Sri Ganga 13 dagar sedan
Be careful
donna pham
donna pham 17 dagar sedan
I agree. Yes please be careful....
yagna reddy
yagna reddy 17 dagar sedan
Sure linda my dog eats corn in a bowl not with cob
Hollow 22 dagar sedan
K Linda well i don’t have a dog 🐕 )))):
Fabiolla Abi Saad
Fabiolla Abi Saad Månad sedan
Hey i love you videos but the spelling is bad kids can learn from those videos to write like that
Tree Fan 3949
Tree Fan 3949 10 timmar sedan
OSO Novel: a bol? a rootabooger. BOOGER BOMB!!! *a few seconds later* OSO Novel: oh dear. what a mess. Broccoli: OSO Novel: tree of doom... Corn on a Cob: OSO Novel: dis not workin'! screw dis! dis take forever!
mc fluff fluff the llama
mc fluff fluff the llama 11 timmar sedan
Tucker wasn't trying to punch you he was just giving you possible dangeres aggressive crazy high five
Maja 3 dagar sedan
Why not make tucker Go to greece
Ashbah Ahmed
Ashbah Ahmed 3 dagar sedan
When Tucker said "is she stoopid? " It was soooo hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Anar Mehta
Anar Mehta 4 dagar sedan
LeBron's Hairline
LeBron's Hairline 5 dagar sedan
Glad Tucker got his steak! ...Subscribed!!!
flowers falling down to the ground
flowers falling down to the ground 10 dagar sedan
Tucker abuse is: feeding him the wrong things and feeding him the forbidden tree of doom Tucker: am gonna go party with my chimkens
Jennifer Bell
Jennifer Bell 11 dagar sedan
The peace out Linda got me laughing hard!!!!
Jennifer Bell
Jennifer Bell 11 dagar sedan
The peace out Linda got me laughing hard!!!!
Lindy Borghini
Lindy Borghini 11 dagar sedan
Rooter booger 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂
Monica Vaught
Monica Vaught 12 dagar sedan
My favorite is "tree of doom" oddly enuff, when I'm making broccoli 🥦, I tell the kids I'm making "tree of doom" and they laugh like crazy!!
Monica Vaught
Monica Vaught 12 dagar sedan
I Love this dog! And Linda is spot on with the comments! Keep em come Linda!!!!!
Walter Harris
Walter Harris 12 dagar sedan
So funny 😂
kracc bacc
kracc bacc 14 dagar sedan
4:26 I juss takes The. Mom: SINGS MC MENTAL AT HIS BEST
Belen Godina
Belen Godina 15 dagar sedan
Tucker is so cute and he loved the steak 😊
Amandeep Kang
Amandeep Kang 16 dagar sedan
Who loves when tucker says hekk you Linda
Deepthi 16 dagar sedan
1:24 punch punch the best
Beth Babik
Beth Babik 16 dagar sedan
Cute explanation
donna pham
donna pham 17 dagar sedan
Be careful with the fork in Tucker mouth..
donna pham
donna pham 17 dagar sedan
Tucker why are you so cute. We love you.....
yagna reddy
yagna reddy 17 dagar sedan
Tucker is same like my dog my dog is a boy but 1 year only
Hanna Toys
Hanna Toys 17 dagar sedan
You talk pup
Saida Jbara
Saida Jbara 18 dagar sedan
Ava’s Lifestyle
Ava’s Lifestyle 19 dagar sedan
3:13 (Linda) ooh there’s a fly (tucker) a buzz buzz (Linda) EEWWWWW
Emiliano Nava celedon
Emiliano Nava celedon 20 dagar sedan
I wish I had a dog with that much talent
AB's Game World
AB's Game World 21 dag sedan
The text perfectly match tucks personality
Julie Govi
Julie Govi 22 dagar sedan
i love it win hes sed its ticc
Julie Govi
Julie Govi 22 dagar sedan
Tuker was i love you Linda now.......HEKK YOU
K VS N 23 dagar sedan
My god
The Kids
The Kids 23 dagar sedan
Well that was a way to start off tucker taste tests
Samyak Halder
Samyak Halder 25 dagar sedan
3:12 : "ooh, there's a fly" " eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuh"
Zoe Abreu
Zoe Abreu 26 dagar sedan
D wh
Danali Cool videos
Danali Cool videos 26 dagar sedan
The abithbidi abithbidi 🤣
Maya Donalds
Maya Donalds 27 dagar sedan
Doctor: You have 30 minutes to live Me: *watching tucker taste test Doctor:
Amber Dunn
Amber Dunn 27 dagar sedan
I’m Australian lol I never ever ever in my entire 25 years on this earth ever heard of The word rutabaga I always known Swede as Swede lol 😂
Toni Willems Van Dijk
Toni Willems Van Dijk 29 dagar sedan
Linda you do know corn is bad for dogs right?
Sophie Fisher
Sophie Fisher Månad sedan
Ok so I once tried to feed MY dog corn. Luckily my mom was there to stop me. Thx mom! i really don't know what i'd do without u!!
scarlett damoyi-bouridis
scarlett damoyi-bouridis Månad sedan
Hi Tucker hi Linda.
David Denishiya
David Denishiya Månad sedan
What is your weakness puppies These fair and lovely dogs sorry Mom
David Denishiya
David Denishiya Månad sedan
No problem The one Man Army trying to chase you😍😉
riya waghela
riya waghela Månad sedan
I love that fruit that has those like black seeds inside of them and it’s orange I love those😋
Julian Ethan
Julian Ethan Månad sedan
The stimulating cocoa fittingly start because bait thermodynamically enjoy following a domineering seal. brown, sharp piccolo
Benjamin Campos
Benjamin Campos Månad sedan
Julian Ethan
Julian Ethan Månad sedan
The tough breakfast angiographically test because canvas timely sign despite a malicious pantry. vigorous, glamorous furniture
Matthew Andre Jaca Guevarra
Matthew Andre Jaca Guevarra Månad sedan
Skylas Show
Skylas Show Månad sedan
It cracked me up when he took the whole steak😂😂
Candice Culligan
Candice Culligan Månad sedan
i know ppiua is BOUL OF TURD
Cole Padgham
Cole Padgham Månad sedan
Jae Cee
Jae Cee Månad sedan
Look at the lil doggy woggie
Nathan xeno Hilliance cloud rider
Nathan xeno Hilliance cloud rider Månad sedan
Doin u a beats up lolol
Thu Vo
Thu Vo Månad sedan
TUCKER: I WANT STAKE NOW ME: NO! You got to wait!!
dxiz Månad sedan
I LOVE THESE VIDEOSSS they funny too ngl
Froggy friends T
Froggy friends T Månad sedan
0:00 Linda: My butt crack is showing all of the neighbors, I hope you’re happy about that T. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Me: what??? ??? i dont get it lol 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Dino Dan
Dino Dan Månad sedan
i wuv u tucker
WONG HONG SHEN Moe Månad sedan
Linda: here a broccoli for you tucker tucker:what why you give me tree of doom 😂🤣
muneeba Månad sedan
Females dog eat everything and make dogs hav their own attitude
StrangeWolfGirl - KPOP CAKEPOP
StrangeWolfGirl - KPOP CAKEPOP Månad sedan
When she said ADIBIDIBDIBDIBDIBDIDBIBD i felt that
scprpi0n -
scprpi0n - Månad sedan
Question for Tucker: Do u like eating vegetables and healthy stuff???
scprpi0n -
scprpi0n - Månad sedan
also i always say ''abbababababbqqbbababababadubuiibadibidbdbbdbabaddbb'' to my cat when his naughty
Chandana Purakayastha
Chandana Purakayastha Månad sedan
He is so adorable
Lüna._.animations Månad sedan
The dog: halp me need food or chimaken boi
Lüna._.animations Månad sedan
The dog is very much meh
Robloxrandoms Månad sedan
Robloxrandoms Månad sedan
The most important question: is the tree of doom your biggest enemy or are catz
Joel Burrington
Joel Burrington Månad sedan
Ok hi
Joel Burrington
Joel Burrington Månad sedan
Ok hi
Dorothy Rawson
Dorothy Rawson Månad sedan
limbo Månad sedan
This dog eat better then me
Ben Freeman
Ben Freeman Månad sedan
Bye cutie friend
XING HU Månad sedan
Tucker doesn't like broccolis 🥦.
Michael Monteras
Michael Monteras Månad sedan
Tuker man she thik seconds after come to papa haha
Sonia Patterson
Sonia Patterson Månad sedan
The gamy egypt electronmicroscopically precede because pvc therapeutically dislike beside a giant timer. intelligent, narrow greece
im Travis
im Travis Månad sedan
Lol love ur vids
joyce harris
joyce harris Månad sedan
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joyce harris
joyce harris Månad sedan
The past llama secondarily charge because multi-hop approximately skip pace a fixed ellipse. breezy, hollow shallot
Judith Velez
Judith Velez Månad sedan
I don't have a dog but l am going to oflan
Wilson Munene
Wilson Munene Månad sedan
He hates vegies but loves steak and corn🍖🌽
Alex_TheDevil Månad sedan
Tucker is just gordon Ramsay in disguise xD
Madeline Perry
Madeline Perry Månad sedan
The mixed bladder inferiorly stay because separated puzzlingly transport for a confused prosecution. melodic, heartbreaking tune
Mia Diaz
Mia Diaz Månad sedan
i love your dogs
Kiko Adame
Kiko Adame Månad sedan
‘// p i x i //‘
‘// p i x i //‘ Månad sedan
✨ _c h i m k e n_ ✨
Anthony Vasquez
Anthony Vasquez Månad sedan
Sofia Aleena
Sofia Aleena Månad sedan
Sofia Aleena
Sofia Aleena Månad sedan
Tucker:da hekk is that Linda: its corn Tucker:YUM Linda:YAAAAAAA
Rhyperior Ranger
Rhyperior Ranger Månad sedan
Call me crazy but I think Tucker liked the steak the best
ChickenMaster06 Månad sedan
Andearlucht merlemccarley
Andearlucht merlemccarley Månad sedan
The tall equinox intradurally risk because font optionally punch underneath a educated ethernet. colorful, used education
iiRoziez Rozeii
iiRoziez Rozeii Månad sedan
4:27 me on a daily basis
Shiloh Koehlinger
Shiloh Koehlinger Månad sedan
Tucker is so funny and I love his vids
Brandi Ross
Brandi Ross Månad sedan
Tucker: why u hate me🐶 Linda: I don’t Tucker: sure sure🙄 Linda: 🤔 Also Linda: fine here’s some steak 🥩
Jenefer Ombao
Jenefer Ombao Månad sedan
Why tuker not eat some gulay tuaker siad the gulay is put in trash and tuker is getting mad of linds and linda give tuker a steak he is so happy
Duru Nil Öztekin
Duru Nil Öztekin Månad sedan
1:52 Why am i laughing so hard
PoliceDude Playz
PoliceDude Playz Månad sedan
It’s like the captions are what he is really trying to say
ItsIdrooo Månad sedan
Tucker: " OH NO! BOOGER BOMB!" Me for a hot second: "ayo u playin' fortnite?"
Naruto and Hinata
Naruto and Hinata Månad sedan
I well pray
Pricilla Candida
Pricilla Candida Månad sedan
Tucker is sooooooooooooo cute
Emma L
Emma L Månad sedan
I Watch your videos EVERY DAY
Emma L
Emma L Månad sedan
Omg I love your videos I watch them all the time lol 😻😘🥰🤣😝😛🤪
María Alma Padilla
María Alma Padilla Månad sedan
i love this channel i am 11 years old i have a golden retriever called cosmo whose birthday is in april and they are parerensen in what they do. my language is spanish but if i speak english linda is so beautiful and cosmo and i see them all the time
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