My Dog Is a Derp!

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Tucker Budzyn

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My Dog Is a Derp!
Sometimes Tucker likes to go into major derp mode and he acts super funny. Here are some of our favorite derp moments!
What was your favorite part?
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Josie Grossman
Josie Grossman 22 timmar sedan
HENLO! Welcome humanz I have a new newz that *puttz on glasses* AHEM *flips through pagez* *peace of paper flyz onto camera and sayz: **00:16* don’t watch that ahhh opppz!!! :O!!!!!
Sheresa Thayer
Sheresa Thayer 2 dagar sedan
Omg, I HAVE to have a pup that is from same gene pool as Tucker!!! Linda, if you can give out the breeder you got him from, that would be awesome! 'Thamks' for the videos of Tucker! We all love him! 😊
Ratanjali 2 dagar sedan
00:24 I lost control
Narwhal Playz
Narwhal Playz 3 dagar sedan
Pause it at 0:13
KatelynPlays 3 dagar sedan
LOL your dog is to cute!
Holly Halls
Holly Halls 4 dagar sedan
1:04 is soooo funny
Ashbah Ahmed
Ashbah Ahmed 4 dagar sedan
Vandana Rohilla
Vandana Rohilla 4 dagar sedan
I just want him 🥺❤
4 dagar sedan
4 dagar sedan
i like how the subtitles are fummy
jjoocckkeess 5 dagar sedan
This Chanel is so funny. Nice dog and a wery funn owner
Malu Maddy
Malu Maddy 5 dagar sedan
Oh my god tucker! You just killed me with this video XD
MANASHREE PATEL 5 dagar sedan
I can not stop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ananya anasane
ananya anasane 5 dagar sedan
Derp jump very funny🤣🤣😂😂😂
Hammerhead Matt
Hammerhead Matt 5 dagar sedan
To people assuming, Tucker's face was not actually swollen it was a face filter from TikTok
Kris Kieft
Kris Kieft 5 dagar sedan
The news report tucker did just brings to mind Trevor MacDoughnut from that british show Tiswas.
Mina 5 dagar sedan
mandalitten 5 dagar sedan
I literally died of laughter🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Robert Hicks
Robert Hicks 6 dagar sedan
He is so funny and sweet
Ritika Mishra
Ritika Mishra 6 dagar sedan
try not to laugh impawsible hehe
Abigail Steinacker
Abigail Steinacker 6 dagar sedan
The run was soo funny!
Emmy Thompson
Emmy Thompson 7 dagar sedan
I use iMovie, too
Lauren Liu
Lauren Liu 7 dagar sedan
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh 7 dagar sedan
the linda laugh became a world wide meme
Anthony’s Slime & Putty Channel Art & Muffie Clips
Anthony’s Slime & Putty Channel Art & Muffie Clips 7 dagar sedan
Imagine if Joe Biden had this dog instead of major, he would derp the whole White House
Chair Chan
Chair Chan 7 dagar sedan
The “swollen” thing was funny, but if u look closely, it’s actually a filter.
Monica Vaught
Monica Vaught 7 dagar sedan
Watched this a ton of times, when I need a pick me up!! "Derp mode"" love you Tuck n Linda!!!
VHalaw 8 dagar sedan
Yuytuelw Halaw D
VHalaw 8 dagar sedan
MKBKD 03 8 dagar sedan
Linda your laugh in second one is now a meme in india😂
Xx_audreyplayz_xX 8 dagar sedan
second one is really funny lol lmao
Errol Rambaran
Errol Rambaran 9 dagar sedan
Derp mode activated
jinto joseph
jinto joseph 9 dagar sedan
0:25 is this your smile? please reply.
chandani jayalath
chandani jayalath 9 dagar sedan
Lazerhawk 29
Lazerhawk 29 9 dagar sedan
Omg I laughed four 5 hours straight after I watched this...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daizy & Cupcake
Daizy & Cupcake 9 dagar sedan
I wonder,did tucker REALLY get stung by a bee if he did how did he get stung? 🤔🧐
theghost 10 dagar sedan
Tucker is cute
Kumandini Ojha
Kumandini Ojha 10 dagar sedan
I swear there's no body who hates Tucker 💝❤️
Cookie Noob
Cookie Noob 10 dagar sedan
0:24 that laugh
Doge Wow
Doge Wow 11 dagar sedan
1:06 mlem
Doge Wow
Doge Wow 12 dagar sedan
like, try it
Doge Wow
Doge Wow 12 dagar sedan
when you put it 8x speed with at extension and it's at 0:24, it sound like she is starting to laugh every millisecond or something
Doge Wow
Doge Wow 12 dagar sedan
1:07 mlem
Foxyplayz 12 dagar sedan
The first and second and third was the best and I laughed soooooo much I got told of
Xa_TheHyper LolXD
Xa_TheHyper LolXD 12 dagar sedan
Noah Steadman
Noah Steadman 12 dagar sedan
Oh my goodness that’s so funny
Lalith Nishantha
Lalith Nishantha 12 dagar sedan
Oh my favourite bog so cute so smart oh I love him
Gwenevere 12 dagar sedan
Did he really get stung by a bee or was it just photoshopping??
drapindragon 11 dagar sedan
idk he mightve or maybe he went to the vet and they did something there we dont know
Kitten Whiskers
Kitten Whiskers 13 dagar sedan
Tucker is so cute 😍
Marianne Leone
Marianne Leone 13 dagar sedan
I wuv you Tucker. You're my best fren!!!❤❤❤
Leah Palma
Leah Palma 13 dagar sedan
No my dogs r derpy
Melissa Convery
Melissa Convery 13 dagar sedan
When he ran it was soooo FUNNY! Also he is SUCH a derp!lol
Sanjith Kumar
Sanjith Kumar 13 dagar sedan
0:59 that does not look like tucker
KatVids 14 dagar sedan
Daily Dose of Roblox
Daily Dose of Roblox 15 dagar sedan
The face he made when linda was coming to him made me laugh so hard
MKBKD 03 16 dagar sedan
My favourite part 0:24
Kaireen Dhingra
Kaireen Dhingra 16 dagar sedan
I was like crying 😂 when I saw the durp mode active
Lindy Borghini
Lindy Borghini 16 dagar sedan
What kind of dog is tucker?
Sanjith Kumar
Sanjith Kumar 17 dagar sedan
0:39 is hilarious
Sanjith Kumar
Sanjith Kumar 11 dagar sedan
Ruchika Jain
Ruchika Jain 17 dagar sedan
OMG GURL yt 17 dagar sedan
Ssoooo cute and funny the beggening (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
ciobanu maria
ciobanu maria 17 dagar sedan
So funny
ciobanu maria
ciobanu maria 17 dagar sedan
The funniest dog in the whole was world
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones 17 dagar sedan
For the first and second one I laughed for almost 15 mins straight lol 😂
saiyansh thussu
saiyansh thussu 18 dagar sedan
0:25 am swollen
Priyanka Verma
Priyanka Verma 18 dagar sedan
He is soo....FLUFFY!!!!
Michael Aaron
Michael Aaron 18 dagar sedan
Lol im dying
{its boba}
{its boba} 19 dagar sedan
When tuckers face was swellen I remembered how my dogs face was when is swelled
Ann Kids club
Ann Kids club 19 dagar sedan
idk why but when I watch this video and it makes me want tucker
Umm 19 dagar sedan
2:44 chillin.
Umm 19 dagar sedan
*Spa plweez*
Umm 19 dagar sedan
*what do u want tucker Yes hmmmm chimken!*
Umm 19 dagar sedan
Umm 19 dagar sedan
*What do u want tucker?*
Umm 19 dagar sedan
Jei-dub 20 dagar sedan
what is this dog
Adelina Colta
Adelina Colta 20 dagar sedan
haha is soo funny Tuck sorry
Bernice Roberts
Bernice Roberts 20 dagar sedan
He is a derp. Tucker.turn on da WOOOTTTTEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR.
Poke-a-dot -a-lot
Poke-a-dot -a-lot 20 dagar sedan
0:14 😂😂 I could not
Zoya Syed
Zoya Syed 21 dag sedan
The mlem was too cute
GEORGIA LEI C. GOMEZ 21 dag sedan
Davinia Robbins
Davinia Robbins 21 dag sedan
I would love to own a GR but they are too expensive and too much in possible heath maintaining costs. Also they don't live as long as other dog breeds like cross breeds. I would rather own a cross breed. For two reasons: 1. They are cheaper to buy, 2. They live longer, about 13 to 18 years depending on size, and 3. Cheaper Vet bills(or rather less chance of them getting sick from some illness connected with a pure breed(yes, I know I said 2 reasons).
Carole Loré
Carole Loré 22 dagar sedan
Cute tucker , take good care of him
nixolous1 22 dagar sedan
00:15 00:10. 00:05. omg that face lol!😂😂😂
Studyket 22 dagar sedan
First 2 clips were too funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lotto Stud
Lotto Stud 23 dagar sedan
Tucker you're supposed to eat the sky raisins (flies) not the jalapeno sky raisins (bees) 😝
Yahoo Squatch18
Yahoo Squatch18 23 dagar sedan
When tucker got stung by the bee, I have never heard Linda laugh so hard.
Nishaan Manthena
Nishaan Manthena 24 dagar sedan
My dog when I chase him: oh cwap i better run
Verushka Rheyana
Verushka Rheyana 24 dagar sedan
Ahhhhhhhh bublly face
savage_girl_12 24 dagar sedan
The run at the start is just so funny 🤣😂
Megan Ruiz
Megan Ruiz 25 dagar sedan
Megan Ruiz
Megan Ruiz 25 dagar sedan
Millie, The Mix of Poodle and Cavalier
Millie, The Mix of Poodle and Cavalier 25 dagar sedan
I hope I can do this someday
Jesse H.
Jesse H. 25 dagar sedan
Ugh. Pet speak is so god damn cringe...
Alexander Makki
Alexander Makki 26 dagar sedan
That is all thamk you
Alexander Makki
Alexander Makki 26 dagar sedan
Henlo hoomans I have breaking news I tooted.
Ol gatty gaming Gatty
Ol gatty gaming Gatty 26 dagar sedan
Pore little Budzyn and also hekkin bee
PBL Sports
PBL Sports 26 dagar sedan
Lol 😂
Lily Baker
Lily Baker 27 dagar sedan
0:08 his face 😂😂😂😂
Samantha Wilson
Samantha Wilson 27 dagar sedan
Yup he is a derp
Ignacio Fuentes
Ignacio Fuentes 27 dagar sedan
big nose
María Alma Padilla
María Alma Padilla 28 dagar sedan
soooooooo cute
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