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Tucker Budzyn

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After years of many amazing memories in the house where Tucker grew up, we have finally moved into our new home. Tucker's reaction to his new house is priceless. He definitely loves the new place!
What was your favorite part?
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ananya anasane
ananya anasane 6 timmar sedan
Did tucker drank beetroot soup??
ananya anasane
ananya anasane 6 timmar sedan
His lips all red
Sunna Dögg Björgvinsdóttir
Sunna Dögg Björgvinsdóttir 7 timmar sedan
When u need it Tucker makes you smile, laugh and be happy. He is so well trained that he understands everything. He is something that everyone need on there home. Life wouldn’t be the same if tucker wasn’t here We do and we will always love you Tucker, most amazing dog on earth😍
Vivian Yu
Vivian Yu 9 timmar sedan
Sorry I can’t follow u on Instagram or the things u tell us to but I’m still a kid but not a baby I’m nine so I’m sorry I can’t but still one of ur biggest friends
Vivian Yu
Vivian Yu 9 timmar sedan
Love your new house tucker the cutey pie or boi
Agames 2020
Agames 2020 12 timmar sedan
Tucker is so trained he knows what to do if linda tells him what to do even I probably wouldn't even know what to do
Mary Lauren
Mary Lauren 16 timmar sedan
Tucker:the house has two bathtubs yea and one for each buttcheek 👇🏻
matthew Ortega
matthew Ortega 18 timmar sedan
shes so frekin cuteee awwwww
manish chandra
manish chandra 19 timmar sedan
He is so well familiar with youtube , he always barks 3 times to tell us subscroob, likes , comment.....🤣
Jacon Howards
Jacon Howards 23 timmar sedan
Emmy Thompson
Emmy Thompson Dag sedan
LIKE: ✅ SUBSCRIBE:✅ I love tucker, he is sooooo cute. COMMENT:✅
Genesis GONZALEZ Dag sedan
I have a Tuker mask of Linda
Julia Price
Julia Price Dag sedan
I love tucker he is so cute.😀🥰
The yorkie club
The yorkie club Dag sedan
I’m a big golden retriever fan this channel Is amazing!
jenerizerbunny100 Martin
jenerizerbunny100 Martin Dag sedan
Tucker:am flying To a new house!
Haillex YT
Haillex YT Dag sedan
Tucker is lucky to have this kind of owner💞💞💞
jenerizerbunny100 Martin
jenerizerbunny100 Martin Dag sedan
adri8550 adri8550
adri8550 adri8550 Dag sedan
I like it Dad after the video you edit it and make it like Tucker’s talking
Shahnawaz Rizvi
Shahnawaz Rizvi Dag sedan
Omg he is so intligent mannn he is amazing when he say like omggg cute dog
The Sister Lab
The Sister Lab Dag sedan
Omg I cannot blog post is a great app I love you omg omg is your love love you omg omg is a way you can make me feel better when you do things like you do you like me you do you like you omg omg is a really like a dream I love you omg omg is a like a holiday or fun day
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe Dag sedan
Looks like a really nice house
•strxberryxjam• 2 dagar sedan
Tucker is the best
Cookie Gamer
Cookie Gamer 2 dagar sedan
0:40 Omg so cute
Sangey Wangmu
Sangey Wangmu 2 dagar sedan
mahrukh shahbaz
mahrukh shahbaz 2 dagar sedan
and tucker is soooo cute i wish you will have 46 m subscribers
mahrukh shahbaz
mahrukh shahbaz 2 dagar sedan
linda i have a gloden ritvert too he is a boy his name is budy frams
Clare Eubank
Clare Eubank 2 dagar sedan
I like your new house 🏡
Kassidy Gray
Kassidy Gray 2 dagar sedan
Fgbb go jlk
Genessis’s Lopez
Genessis’s Lopez 2 dagar sedan
I can’t believe that they moved to a new house!!!!??
dana meisenheimer
dana meisenheimer 3 dagar sedan
he is sooo cute
Silvy itsamomslife44
Silvy itsamomslife44 3 dagar sedan
He's so cute
Megan McQuillin
Megan McQuillin 3 dagar sedan
He prob miss journ journ
shima alharmoodi
shima alharmoodi 3 dagar sedan
Zahir Hosein
Zahir Hosein 3 dagar sedan
Tuker is funny & cute
Bruh just attack🙄
Bruh just attack🙄 3 dagar sedan
Lol dogs are mans best friend and you are a women 😂
Power Puppy
Power Puppy 4 dagar sedan
We need tucker...the world needs him...to stop what’s coming...
Claudia Perks
Claudia Perks 4 dagar sedan
Doesn't Tucker just make your day HE IS SOOOOOOOOO FRICKIN CUTE
Blueify 4 dagar sedan
0:35 nose contest
Blanca Cardona
Blanca Cardona 4 dagar sedan
Tucker is such a cute ,silly and very good behaving dog!!!! 🥰
Laura Aston
Laura Aston 4 dagar sedan
Am happ
Addy's Unicorn Squad
Addy's Unicorn Squad 4 dagar sedan
I love your videos!!! How do you get him to do all this!!!
chris north
chris north 4 dagar sedan
Just because people dislike just means that there having a bad day Linda but I like every vid you make I really want a golden retriever
Nandana MV
Nandana MV 4 dagar sedan
Tucker's tour of the house: dis my shower, I wash my butts here. Dis the toilet, Linda poops here. Linda poops here too. And here too. I poop in dirt, out der 😂😂😂
Haillex YT
Haillex YT Dag sedan
Big Monke
Big Monke 4 dagar sedan
who disliked this video im gonna kill them
LAMO WESSER 4 dagar sedan
G🍞 🍞🍞🌶🐤 🦇🐦🐤
Savannah Life
Savannah Life 5 dagar sedan
I love how we Tucker talks it is miss Spelt it so funny! 😂
Sariyah Carter
Sariyah Carter 5 dagar sedan
Who ever love Tucker like this comment
Radhika Singamala
Radhika Singamala 5 dagar sedan
Ok. Ok.. Let's be honest everyone. Tucker is a handsome man.
RG - 01CG 913940 Larkspur PS
RG - 01CG 913940 Larkspur PS 5 dagar sedan
I wish I’m a puppy
Dance Queen
Dance Queen 5 dagar sedan
Hi tucker
Nora D
Nora D 5 dagar sedan
Nora D
Nora D 5 dagar sedan
I love you
Prathibha B
Prathibha B 5 dagar sedan
Tucker is so damn cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 i subscribed you
Janicia Richardson
Janicia Richardson 5 dagar sedan
Tucker so cute
David Basila
David Basila 6 dagar sedan
I’m kind of sad that you left the old house because I loved your old house
Gillian Call
Gillian Call 6 dagar sedan
Bathrooms seem so small rooms too in such a big house.
lorena palomo
lorena palomo 6 dagar sedan
awww he was happy to move!❤❤❤💓💓💓💕💕💕💖💖💖💗💗💗💘💘💘💝💝💝💞💞💞
Gillian Call
Gillian Call 6 dagar sedan
My cat has a panick attack if I bring a plastic box out to put more things in he thinks we're moving we had to live on street and one room so he's frightened
Ghala Al-Qahtani
Ghala Al-Qahtani 6 dagar sedan
I will name my dog Tucker because it's so cool and I want Linda to be happy :)
Laura Shimenga
Laura Shimenga 6 dagar sedan
hes so cute
Aasiya Wasti
Aasiya Wasti 6 dagar sedan
I am susbscroobed tucker
Sanjith Kumar
Sanjith Kumar 6 dagar sedan
Tucker is the smartest and the best dog on earth
123 456
123 456 6 dagar sedan
In here HE SO CUTE where my eggplant? CUTE!
Sinhala TV
Sinhala TV 6 dagar sedan
She poops a lot 😁 Full of crap ! That's hilarious 😅
Michelle Widlitz
Michelle Widlitz 7 dagar sedan
Whenever Tucker see someone new like a different person he’s all like who is you
davidking3311 7 dagar sedan
Tucker bought his Humans a new house
Skye Kaia
Skye Kaia 7 dagar sedan
Saarth Enterprises
Saarth Enterprises 7 dagar sedan
Tucker is the cutest dog I have ever seen in my life
Shourya Govil
Shourya Govil 7 dagar sedan
❤️❤️❤️😘😘🥰🥰😋😋I wanna your dog please
Shourya Govil
Shourya Govil 7 dagar sedan
An amazing video
Procor 7
Procor 7 8 dagar sedan
Noooooo he lick da screen I laugh too hard
Mila Martinez
Mila Martinez 8 dagar sedan
I love you
Sarah Dabis
Sarah Dabis 8 dagar sedan
Cublle man yeah
talivan Ruizaac
talivan Ruizaac 8 dagar sedan
lalu op
lalu op 8 dagar sedan
which type is your tucker
Danny Bishop
Danny Bishop 8 dagar sedan
Yashika Giri
Yashika Giri 8 dagar sedan
Tucker is smart and cute
emaan tariq
emaan tariq 8 dagar sedan
2000 years later: We have only been here fore a few days
emaan tariq
emaan tariq 8 dagar sedan
Cynthia Quiroz
Cynthia Quiroz 8 dagar sedan
he almost has the same amount of toys like me
Denise Renteria
Denise Renteria 8 dagar sedan
All of you kids dog wager
Sheryl Raffone
Sheryl Raffone 9 dagar sedan
I love tucker
I’m the worst Yt
I’m the worst Yt 9 dagar sedan
tucker doesn’t care how big or small it is he just cares about his chimken
Chosen Porter
Chosen Porter 9 dagar sedan
Violet Abernathy
Violet Abernathy 9 dagar sedan
Hewo Tucker fren
Ansh Sanwaria
Ansh Sanwaria 9 dagar sedan
Tucker is adorable as always
Armygamer Dogs
Armygamer Dogs 9 dagar sedan
Dragon Panda studios
Dragon Panda studios 9 dagar sedan
Too funny 😂
sɪᴅᴅʜᴀʀᴛʜ sᴜʙʀᴀᴍᴀɴɪᴀɴ s
sɪᴅᴅʜᴀʀᴛʜ sᴜʙʀᴀᴍᴀɴɪᴀɴ s 9 dagar sedan
What's the real name to linda?
Maggie Vandermar-Poor
Maggie Vandermar-Poor 8 dagar sedan
Her real name is Courtney
Bnt Ski
Bnt Ski 9 dagar sedan
Bnt Ski
Bnt Ski 9 dagar sedan
Aaliyah Valencia
Aaliyah Valencia 10 dagar sedan
he’s so smart and cute
cindy devaras
cindy devaras 10 dagar sedan
Tucker is happy and excited of his new house.😀
Anastasia Blackman
Anastasia Blackman 10 dagar sedan
Comment if you love this word Hondayota
Anastasia Blackman
Anastasia Blackman 10 dagar sedan
And comment about the Hondayota
Anastasia Blackman
Anastasia Blackman 10 dagar sedan
JakePlayz 10 dagar sedan
0:58 “Hekkin chimken making noise”
Mikawas Found
Mikawas Found 10 dagar sedan
i want a tucker but i own 4 dogs -1 cause she died 👁💧👄💧👁
Paul Cleary
Paul Cleary 10 dagar sedan
I think that tucker budzyn sooo happy at this point 🤡
Minli NIU
Minli NIU 10 dagar sedan
🐟🐳🦞🦭🦭🦭🐅🐅 Vmhj 'j ok,hv
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis 11 dagar sedan
ok it was fun i wannt a part 2
Prashant Juwatkar
Prashant Juwatkar 11 dagar sedan
I mean who the fluff can dislike any of Tuckers vid
Carter Walezak
Carter Walezak 11 dagar sedan
So cute tackle
Kiara moonshine
Kiara moonshine 11 dagar sedan
tucker is so so cute.i have allways loved and been intrested in animals
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